The Design to Build Process

Design-to-Build (D2B) by Fears Construction featuring B Design is a holistic project delivery method that unifies the creative design phase with the construction process. This innovative approach ensures a fluid, efficient, and collaborative pathway from envisioning your project to bringing it to life. Our cohesive approach allows the designer and builder to work together through every step of the process as seen below. 

The final 4 phases. All of the planning is complete and both teams are highly focused on the final prep, the work, evaluations, post-construction, occupancy, and operation.  The first 4 phases can easily be thought of as the planning and refining stages while the last 4 phases are execution, troubleshooting, and evaluating the project. 

Pre-Design Phase

The first step in making your dreams a reality.  The design-to-build team will schedule an INITIAL MEETING, on-site if available.  At this meeting, the scope of your project,  your objectives and your budget will be defined.  The team will evaluate if any consultants are needed; like an architect or engineer and they  will view the space and/or plans, discuss ideas and document the space by survey and photography.  This initial collaboration sets the tone and allows for seamless fusion.


Conceptual Design

The client and design-build team work together to develop initial concepts and aesthetics for the project. The team researches different options and performs feasibility studies to assess their viability. They then present the client with their ideas, including product selections, materials, and finishes. The client selects the best options to move forward with, and these concepts are used for bidding and to create a proposal.


Schematic Design

Your project is official.  The design-build team now takes the conceptual design to the next level.  You will discuss your wants versus your needs with your team, they will review what the outcomes would be and make an initial evaluation of those details.  This step will help you and your design-build team evaluate design elements and decide if there is anything to adapt at this point in the process.  There will be preliminary sketches and layouts to help you visualize the design and its details.


Design Development

In this phase of the process, your team refines the chosen concepts and design schemes to create a detailed design. The design-build team begins to create plans and make selections.   The team also performs value engineering to evaluate the cost implications and identify opportunities for cost savings without compromising quality.  At this point, they will finalize design plans and specifications.


Design Evaluation

This step is key to the design-build process and is ongoing throughout your entire project.  During the preliminary phases of design, ideas are evaluated and somewhat easily updated.   During the second half of the process, this step is most important.  Through collaboration, your team will provide constant evaluation of the design and its construction, constantly reviewing the functionality and feasibility, revising the plan and adapting it as needed.



In the Pre-Construction phase, finalized construction documents are coupled with material selections, with any prior changes integrated into the proposal. All necessary permits are obtained, and materials and equipment are procured. A project timeline is established based on scope and availability. After receiving permits, a pre-construction meeting is held to discuss project details, management, plans, preparation, and expectations.



This phase commences with site preparation, then executes the approved design and implements quality assurance and control measures. Construction begins with demolition, framing, and building systems. A rough-in walkthrough ensures alignment between completed work and future stages. Subsequently, drywall, doors, windows, and various finishing elements such as tile, trim, cabinets, fixtures, and paint are installed, concluding with a deep cleaning.



The design-build team finalizes the project by ensuring that all systems and components are installed and functioning properly. They conduct a final walkthrough with the client to provide training and review any final touches. The team then cleans up the site and delivers and installs any remaining interior pieces and finishing touches. They take a photoshoot of the finished product and present it to the client, along with any final documentation. The team offers support as needed as the client settles into their new space.