About Design to Build

Curious about design to build and its approach? It's a relatively new concept that's gaining traction in the construction industry, and for good reason. When Tim and Blair, the founders of Fears Construction and B Design of Shorewood, IL, respectively, joined forces, they saw the immense potential of this methodology. Here's how they combined their expertise in design and construction to create Fears Construction featuring B Design.

While design-to-build may seem expensive at first glance, it is typically more cost effective than traditional design-bid-build projects. This is because we work closely with you throughout the process and invest heavily in planning upfront. This collaboration eliminates communication silos and minimizes costly changes down the road.

We remain committed to our roots, serving residents and businesses in Shorewood, Naperville, Plainfield, Joliet, and the surrounding areas with their design and build needs. Our local expertise ensures that each project reflects the unique character of our community.

We take a holistic approach meaning no job is too big or small. And Tim loves helping clients with everything from changing light bulbs to building an entirely new home. 

What Makes Us Different

As Tim and Blair collaborated, they quickly recognized the synergy between expert design and the construction process. By integrating these two phases, they eliminated communication gaps and boosted efficiency. Customers were delighted with the aesthetics and functionality of their transformed spaces. As Tim and Blair delved deeper into the design-to-build philosophy, they knew they had found a winning formula.

In 2023, Fears Construction and B Design officially merged to form Fears Construction featuring B Design. This partnership leverages their combined expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

We offer a trifecta of excellence from start to finish, ensuring every customer receives:

  • Expert design advice
  • Dedicated technicians and building guidance
  • The ability to monitor project progress anytime, anywhere, using any device

Our goal is to provide a seamless experience with optimal and efficient results, giving our clients a space they love.

Woman enjoying her newly designed and custom built shelves by Fears Construction featuring B Design in Shorewood, IL.
Custom Built-Ins
Craftsman cutting wood for a custom design project by Fears Construction featuring B Design in Shorewood, IL.
Expert Craftsman

Our: Mission

Our mission is rooted in our client's vision. We strive to provide homeowners and business owners with the best possible design-to-build experience. By seamlessly integrating the design and construction phases, we ensure that the final product surpasses your expectations. We are dedicated to creating beautifully designed spaces that are both functional and inspiring.

Fears Construction and B Design Mission
Vision statement for Fears Construction elevated by B Design

Our: Vision

Our vision is to be the premier design-to-build construction company in the Shorewood, IL area. We will achieve this by providing homeowners and business owners with an exceptional design-to-build experience. By unifying the design and construction phases, we will deliver projects that exceed expectations. We are committed to creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces while embracing innovative technologies and sustainable practices.


Chris HargreavesChris Hargreaves
18:16 04 Mar 24
Tim and his entire team are simply the best at what they do. Not only are they great technical experts, but they are all awesome and wonderful, respectful people.
Justin likarJustin likar
21:42 10 Jun 22
Lenny DuncanLenny Duncan
23:02 16 Jul 21
I know Mr. Fears very well. Throughout the year he has helped our house. Taking down bee nests and wasp nests as well. I definitely will recommend Mr. Fears for any job.
Jason MathewsJason Mathews
21:59 08 Feb 21
I'm very happy with the service I received for Fears Construction. Jake was extremely diligent and responsive during a project I had at home. For a project I was expecting to take weeks to fix, the company got out there, assessed the situation, got the appropriate personnel on-site and fixed the issue all within the course of a week. Jake continued to keep me in the loop throughout the repairs regarding the work being done and the estimated completion date.